Peddling from the crossroads of innovation and illumination, we invite you to turn on the power of PsychoLights.

Stay active and play safe. It’s a true headlight!



What We Make

PsychoLight is a stretchy mesh cover embedded with LED lights. It provides a safe and fun accessory for evening and night bikers, skiers, snowboarders, or anyone staying active once the sun goes down! It fits over your helmet or head.

PsychoLight is the only product that provides a 360-degree view of the user without distracting, irritating or impairing the vision of the wearer.

DISCLAIMER: Be aware, you may feel the need to spend more time outside while wearing this product!

Who We Are

The name PsychoLights is a nod to our inventor who is a Psychologist and avid cyclist. Our mission is to reduce danger and increase fun by improving the visibility of everyone we outfit. Your safety is our priority. 

We are a family owned company.

Our Matriarch, CSB., is the “CHL/CEO” (Chief Head Light). Her husband is the “Chief Tail Light.” Daughter #1 is very loquacious so she is the “Socialite,” while Daughter #2 is a nurse so she is the “Rescue Siren Light”; Our son is the “Dimmer light” as he is our quality control/critic. Our contact in Canada who is assisting with Marketing in North Country is, of course, the “Northern Light.” Altogether, we are quite a candelabra.

Award Winning

Awarded the “Allina/Health/Courage Kenny Foundation Judd and Barbara Jacobson Award” for entrepreneurial spirit. Awarded to our inventor for her achievement as a business entrepreneur living with a chronic health condition (Lupus).

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain at the crossroads of innovation and illumination, as we constantly collaborate on projects and ideas that lead to fewer accidents along your journey.